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Intermodal Chassis Market Demonstrates Pandemic Period Resilience

As 2020 began and a U.S./China trade deal was signed, chassis providers were hopeful for a solid start to the year, but COVID-19 threatened to prevent that.
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Health Care

Appraisal Considerations Shifting as COVID-19 Disrupts Health Care Delivery

We examine how the COVID-19 pandemic is reshaping the configuration of critical and other care facilities, and what that is likely to mean for hospitals and the broader health care real estate market moving forward.
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Forestry Markets

Pandemic Impacts Continue to Shape the Course of Forestry Markets

Continued, though somewhat diminished, new construction and remodeling demand has helped to sustain U.S. lumber markets.
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Craft beer

Indicators Suggest Modest Growth for Craft Brewers That Evolve, Connect and Prepare Now for Post-Pandemic Re-Start

The only thing that is fully apparent today is that beverage alcohol buying patterns are shifting by necessity.
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Underlying Economic Fundamentals Reveal Likely Recovery Path for Transportation Industry Fleet Assets

Industry trends leading up to the current pandemic provide insight into a recovery timeframe.
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Food Industry Grappling with Distinct Challenges Amid Fallout From COVID-19 and Uncertainty of Pandemic Curve Decline Timeline

The COVID-19 crisis has changed the way consumers shop and purchase food products.
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Online Sales Momentum Foretells Further Challenges for Automotive Aftermarket Industry in Post-Pandemic Environment

What is the impact from e-commerce on specialty retailers like car dealers, parts stores, and tire shops?
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The U.S. Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate of Vehicle Sales Succumbs to COVID-19

The National Automobile Dealers Association, which had been forecasting 2020 sales at 16.8 million vehicles, is now calling for sales of between 13 million and 13.5 million.
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ReStore Capital

Transformational Change and Crisis Costs Weigh Heavily on Both Sides in Stressed and Distressed Retail/Supplier Relationships

Innovative financial solutions can be leveraged by retailers and suppliers to help ensure successful outcomes in stressed and distressed environments.
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Lessons Learned by a Bank OREO Asset Manager During the Great Recession

The cyclical volatilities of our economy have produced downturns of varying degrees throughout history, but hopefully we learn lessons along the way to guide us during future challenging economic upheavals.
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