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Home-Centric Consumers Adopt New Habits, Continue to Drive Strength in Home Furnishings Market

In this article we look at how the pandemic has shaped demand and consumer purchase behavior in the home furnishings market.
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Shifting Housing Preferences and Online Shopping Growth Drive Forestry Products Market Demand

In this article, we take a look at how pandemic-driven changes in consumer preferences and behavior are impacting demand across numerous forestry product markets.
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Podcast: Cleaning Up A Messy Distressed Asset: Saving Shop-Vac

Brent Bonham joins Steve Katz on the Hilco Global Smarter Perspectives Podcast Series to discuss how thorough diligence and the right monetization partner can deliver maximum asset recovery value for companies in distress.
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Podcast: How the Hilco's Monetization Engine Drove H19 to the Next Level

Steve Tanzi and Bryan Courcier join Steve Katz on the Hilco Global Smarter Perspectives Podcast Series to discuss the trucking industry, specifically Hilco's Acquisition Solution for our provider of Asset Financing in the North American Transportation Industry.
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Podcast: Prospects and Challenges for the Cannabis Market Across the U.S.

John Sharpe joins Steve Katz to discuss the impressive growth of the US cannabis market over the course of the pandemic, as well as about some of the industry's current and future prospects and challenges.
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Q2 2021 Intermodal Chassis Market Update

In this article, we offer our observations and outlook for the industry over the balance of the year.
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Hidden Asset: IPV4 Address Blocks

Lee Howard, Senior Vice President at Hilco Streambank and IPv4.Global, joins Steve Katz on the Hilco Global Smarter Perspectives Podcast Series.
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Challenges and Opportunities Along the Road to Electric Vehicle Proliferation

In this first in a series of upcoming articles on the electric vehicle (EV) market, we take a look at plans by global auto manufacturers for continued, aggressive expansion of their electric offerings.
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Asset-Based Lending Guidelines and More

Stephen D'Aquila, Vice President at Hilco Valuation Services and a jewelry industry specialist, joins Steve Katz on the Hilco Global Smarter Perspectives Podcast Series.
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Keeping Pace Critical for Cannabis Businesses Amid Strong Growth and Technology Driven Advancements

As of April 2021, 17 U.S. states plus the District of Columbia and Guam have all passed laws legalizing the recreational use and sale of cannabis for adults 21 years of age and older.
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