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Off Price

Innovative Solutions Help Address Ongoing Off-Price Supply Chain Challenges

In this article we take a look at how off-price retailers are working within their own organizations to overcome supply chain constraints as well as the important role that innovative, strategic partner solutions are playing in assisting those businesses to stay the course in the current environment.
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Article 9

Article 9 Sale Process for Intangible Assets: A Cost-Effective, Efficient Option for Disposition of Collateral

As the cost of bankruptcy continues to increase, in particular due to fees and expenses associated with administering bankruptcy cases, secured lenders are increasingly turning to foreclosures under Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) as a preferred vehicle for disposing of their collateral.
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The Evolution of the New Mall Lease

The Evolution of the New Mall Lease

A shifting dynamic has developed between tenants and landlords in the negotiation of shopping center leases.
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Podcast: Shifting Dynamics and Priorities in Cosmetics and Skin Care

Hilco Global’s Kirstin DiCecca and Gary Dressler focus in on the evolution and outlook for two of the Beauty Industry’s highest growth categories: Cosmetics and Skin Care.
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Podcast: Electronics & Appliance Industries Grapple with Continued Supply Chain Bottleneck

Ian Fredericks, President of the Hilco Retail Group, discusses the headwinds that continue to limit the availability of electronics and appliances products, and the steps retailers and manufacturers are taking to overcome those challenges.
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Retail supply chain

Podcast: Retail inventories Low and Deals Hard to Find as Holiday Shopping Intensifies

Dominick Keefe, Vice President of Hilco Merchant Resources discusses the current state of the supply chain and the challenges facing retailers, manufacturers and distributors this holiday shopping season and in the year ahead.
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Podcast: Rising Steel Prices Were Inevitable. How Long Will They Last?

Michael Sullivan, Vice President of the Metals and Mining Valuation Group at Hilco Valuation Services, elaborates on the historic factors leading up to the current meteoric rise in domestic steel prices, how mills are evolving, and why we are not likely to see a dramatic falloff in pricing for the foreseeable future.
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The Complexion of Cosmetics and Skin Care Continues its Evolutionary Course Through the Pandemic

In this article we take a look at two key beauty industry categories, cosmetics and skin care, and the various factors contributing to notable shifts that are changing the face of the market.
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Podcast: SBA-Best Practices in Debtor Workouts and Note Sales

Hollis Carter, a 23-year veteran with the SBA and a Hilco Strategic Alliance partner, discusses the advantages of debtor workouts versus foreclosures.
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Podcast: Factors Impacting the 2021 Class 8 Truck Market

We discuss how factors such as the current semiconductor chip manufacturing shortage and ongoing COVID-19 restrictions have driven changes in auction practices and impacted the Class 8 truck market.
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Automotive Aftermarket ‘Pleased’ With Q2 Results

In a word, the Automotive Aftermarket is “pleased” with its second-quarter results. We experienced our first normal winter weather in three years and the industry is benefiting.
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Wait, My Steel Costs How Much?

In this article, we take a look at the continued, historic rise in domestic steel prices, the reasons behind this phenomenon, and explore where the market is likely to go from here.
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How Hilco is Systematically Assembling a High-Performance Asset Leasing Portfolio One Strategic, Distressed Acquisition at a Time

Based on Hilco’s successful acquisition of substantially all of the assets of the transportation and truck leasing company, 19th Capital, in early 2020...
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