About Hilco Global

Your Business Means the World To Us:


Headquartered in metropolitan Chicago, Hilco Global is the leading international financial services company having completed billions of dollars of transactions around the world. Through 500 professionals operating on five continents, Hilco helps companies and their professional advisors understand the value of assets and then maximize that value through asset monetization solutions, and enhance value through advisory and consulting solutions. Hilco serves retailers, wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers, directly and through their lenders, investors and advisors, which can include private equity firms, hedge funds, investment banks, law firms, turnaround professionals, accounting professionals, bankruptcy trustees and receivers.

VALUATION: A comprehensive suite of valuation assessment and appraisal services…

 “What do we have and what is its value?” Every business day, companies, their lenders and professional advisors call Hilco Global for reliable answers to these all-important questions. Our valuation services platform is an integrated compendium of specialty practice groups, each with focused and deep experience in one or more tangible or intangible asset categories. International in scope and staffed to respond quickly, Hilco Global has delivered tens of thousands of valuations ranging in size and complexity from a single asset to assignments believed to be the largest in history. 

MONETIZATION: Customized transactions to achieve maximum value for assets…

“How can we extract the most value for underperforming or unwanted assets?” What truly makes Hilco Global different is our ability to customize an asset disposition solution for the unique requirements of each transaction. We are experienced in virtually all tangible and intangible asset categories and able to handle both domestic and cross-border disposition assignments. A Hilco Global on-site or online auction, private treaty negotiated sale, or principal acquisition using our own capital can maximum recovered value in the shortest timeframe with minimal disruption.

ADVISORY: Strategic solutions and insight to unlock incremental value and improve operations…

“What strategies have we overlooked to unlock additional value in our assets?” Most business assets have unrealized economic potential. Through a group of specialized advisory business units and highly-experienced professionals, Hilco Global teams with clients to develop and implement innovative, often outside-the-box strategies that leverage existing assets to create more profit, reduce costs and enhance enterprise value. Hilco Global advisory services are typically offered on a fee-for-success basis.