Michael Keefe

Michael Keefe

Chairman - HMR


Michael Keefe joined Hilco Global as CEO of Hilco Merchant Resources in 2000. With him he brought his wealth of knowledge, experience and ethics regarding retail inventory disposition, transforming Hilco Merchant Resources from a start-up enterprise to one of the world's largest and most active providers of monetization solutions today. In 2018, Mike was named Chairman of Hilco Merchant Resources and works closely with the retail group management team.

Prior to joining Hilco Global, Mike was a senior executive with Gordon Brothers Group. Over the years, Michael and his team have managed thousands of store and distribution center closings, and store merchandising transformations. His notable clients include: Montgomery Ward, Sears, Walgreens, Radio Shack, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Borders Book Stores, Disney, Albertson’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and Canada’s Hudson’s Bay Company.

Having spent his entire career in the asset disposition industry, Michael has been instrumental in developing, perfecting and executing many of today’s most innovative asset disposition best practices and tools. This has made him a sought after thought leader on retail liquidations resulting in numerous speaking engagements with retailing association audiences. Additionally, Michael has authored articles on the liquidation process and given interviews with the press.