Case Study: Food & Beverage

Hostess Brands


600+ Locations
Site Protection


During its bankruptcy, Hostess Brands faced a number of headwinds the company needed to address. One such headwind was ensuring safe and operational facilities across its footprint due to the number of striking employees.  Hilco was able to assist Hostess Brands by providing site protection security services at dozens of bakery facilities, ensuring non-striking employees and vendors had safe and secure access to their locations.  Based on the success found at the bakeries, the assignment expanded to include 400 retail locations and 200 vehicle depots nationwide. Our ability to ensure seamless operations helped the company successfully reorganize.

Problem to Solve

  • During it’s bankruptcy, Hostess Brands had to address a number of striking employees at dozens of its baking facilities, retail shops, and vehicle depots nationwide.
  • The company needed to ensure safety for its employees, and continuous operations for the sake of its business

Solutions Provided

  • On-site Protection
  • 20+ Bakery Locations
  • 400+ Retail Locations
  • 200+ Vehicle Depots

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