Case Study: Retail

Hilco Leads Joint Venture for Target Canada Market Exit


133 stores
Store Closing


Partially due to our robust international and Canadian experience, Hilco was engaged to lead the financial and operational components of Target’s exit from Canada. Target took an aggressive Canadian stance, entering the market with its first store in March 2013 and expanding to over 130 stores only a year and a half later.  Ultimately, Target Canada needed to be closed and they sought professional help to wind-down the chain in an orderly manner; maximizing proceeds while minimizing liability and cost. Hilco micro-managed the sale of 133 locations and $700MM in inventory was monetized on Target’s behalf, allowing management to focus on their go-forward multinational operations.

Problem to Solve

  • Target Canada, a subsidiary of the international retailer Target, elected to close all stores and exit the market.
  • The company sought help doing this efficiently, at the lowest cost, while maximizing the value of all assets.

Solutions Provided

  • Operational management for market exit
  • Financial management for market exit 

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