Hilco Capital


Hilco Capital FlyerLocated in the United Kingdom, Hilco Capital is Europe’s leading authority on retail restructuring delivering proven solutions in order to maximize the value of every deal. Acting as a principal or agent, Hilco Capital provides both healthy and distressed businesses with restructuring and turnaround solutions to manage and stabilize finances and operations and to reassure all parties that proactive steps are being taken to maximize value of the business. Whether serving as trusted advisers or in interim management team to accelerate positive change, the leadership at Hilco Capital will provide analytical, consultative and often capital solutions to successfully complete each restructuring deal or turnaround situation.

Hilco Capital transaction types:

  • Assisting MBO/MBI and stakeholders in purchasing distressed businesses.
  • Acquiring under-performing and non-core businesses, divisions and assets.
  • Co-invest with strategic/private equity investors where Hilco Capital expertise can add value to a third party's investment strategy.
  • Refinancing distressed debt positions.
  • Balance sheet restructuring to support turnaround


Divisions under Hilco Capital include:

  • RE:Capital (Canada)
        • Private Equity Investments
  • RE:Capital (Australia)
        • Private Equity Investments

For more information, contact: Paul McGowan at pmcgowan@hilcoglobal.com