Hilco Asset Protection


We stay up all night... so you can sleep

Need onsite physical security or outsourced loss prevention services? Hilco has you covered.

As the leading single-source provider for onsite physical security nationwide, Hilco is the most effective cost-efficient provider of on-site physical security, no matter the requirement. With over 25 years of experience, we have protected assets valued in excess of $100 billion. We have the ability to assess your needs and implement programs quickly. Our professionals have worked in every business sector -- retail, manufacturing, energy, transportation -- and in every type of facility.
Effective physical security often requires detailed planning and scheduling, and specially-trained personnel who are not always available through ordinary contract guard services, large or small. We offer a variety of customized services, including 24/7 onsite guards or site visits at varying intervals.

Outsourced Loss Prevention Services
Depending upon your requirements, we can provide loss prevention services at a fraction of the cost of an in-house equivalent.

For more information, contact: Mike Gilligan at mgilligan@hilcoglobal.com