Enterprise Valuation


Hilco-Business-Unit-Flyers-Website-Thumbnails-Cropped_HVAWe are a leading provider of opinions for lenders, investment firms and corporations on the realizable value of going concerns, intangible assets and other specialized business assets.

  • Intangible Asset Valuations, Including Tradenames
  • Going-Concern Valuations
  • FAS141 and FAS142 Valuations
  • FAS157 Valuations
  • Litigation Support


Our Valuations Support These Applications:

  • Asset-Based Loan Collateral
  • Acquisition and Sale Fairness Opinions
  • Investments
  • Capital Raises
  • ESOP
  • Management Buyouts
  • Inter-Shareholder Transactions
  • Estate Tax Matters
  • Restructuring and Bankruptcies
  • Purchase Price Allocation (SFAS 141)
  • Valuations for Goodwill Impairment (SFAS 142)
  • Valuation disputes


For more information, contact: Jim Glickman at jglickman@hilcoglobal.com