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Don’t get too comfortable in today’s volatile home furnishings retail climate.

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Changes in today’s home furnishing industry are being driven by the same forces impacting the entire retail spectrum. Hilco Global Retail Solutions can help companies in the home furnishing industry adapt and leverage change to their advantage with a wide range of valuation, monetization and advisory services. We are differentiated by our ability to act as strategic advisor, agent, investor and, or principal in every transaction. Our fees are success-based and our revenue comes from the value we create.

Here are some critical questions to help you get back on the fairway:

Do you need help to sell excess inventory or manage out-of-stock or obsolete inventory?
Do you have a domain name or other intellectual property you would like to sell?
Do you need an accurate valuation of your tangible and intangible assets?
Are you looking for help with supply chain optimization?
Would you like to get cash for shelving and equipment you don’t need?
Would you like expert consultation on M&A transactions and capital raises?
Are you looking to mitigate the cost of your excess retail locations?

Maximizing Asset Value in the Home Furnishing Industry.

Each Hilco Global business unit contributes specific expertise to our total service offering.

Hilco Merchant Resources

Wide-ranging development and execution services, to monetize excess inventory, with in-depth understanding of the retail industry

Hilco Fixed Asset Recovery

Implementation of FF&E programs to realize full cash value of excess and unproductive assets.

Hilco Wholesale Solutions

Assists in re-marketing unproductive, aged and out-of-season inventory. Invests our own capital to deliver immediate results. Develops two-way opportunistic trading relationships.

Hilco Streambank

Intellectual property asset valuation and monetization, including brand names, trademarks, licensing agreements, royalty streams, domain names, copyrights and customer lists.

Hilco Real Estate

Minimization of occupancy costs and optimization of real estate value. Lease repositioning, asset sales and acquisitions. Provides alternatives for expansion or excess space distribution.

Hilco Valuation Services

Appraisal and calculation of accurate values for tangible and intangible assets, based on real-time hard data from all Hilco business units.

Hilco Diligence Services

Providing ABL field exams, pre-loan/pre-screen operating company diligence and deal-specific diligence services with experience in the distribution and retail industries.

Hilco Corporate Finance

Investment banking services including buy-side and sell-side representation, debt and equity capital raises and strategic advisory services.

Track Record of Success in the Home Furnishing industry.

Hilco has partnered with many companies in the home furnishing industry, delivering solutions to asset-related problems by tapping into our expertise, experience and, when appropriate, our financial capital.

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