Hilco Global Delivers Results

business-analyze-sustainable-development-opportunities-400x267Our clients demand time-sensitive responses and expect impressive results. Acting as a principal or agent, we provide not only strategic advice, but in many instances, the capital required to get the job done.  We take pride in exceeding expectations and seek to deliver the maximum return on investment in every transaction.

Hilco Global Performance:

  • Total asset sales have exceed $20 billion since the company inception
  • Conducted over 1,800 industrial asset disposition projects
  • 400+ Fortune 2000 clients, across all industries
  • Sold assets from 53 countries into more than 60 countries in 2017
  • Disposition of hundreds of millions of square feet of industrial, office, commercial and retail properties
  • Appraised and repositioned industrial, commercial and retail real estate worth nearly $4.0 billion, and restructured over 35,000 leases
  • A market leader in recovery through market making for IP, patents and other intellectual property
  • Delivered nearly 20,000 appraisals - values in excess of $200 Billion
  • Converted over $150 billion of inventory to cash