Hilco Global: Significant challenges still exist in global M&A environment 


Overall market conditions remain reasonably strong for a continued healthy dealmaking environment as we head into the fourth quarter of 2016 and fiscal year 2017. Companies will continue to seek ways to supplement slow organic growth by actively hunting for solid M&A opportunities that can improve margins and take advantage of potential sector synergies. These factors, combined with the availability of relatively low-cost capital to finance the deals, are just some of the key forces behind a continued desire to execute M&A transactions as a vehicle for growth and expansion.

There is little doubt that significant challenges exist in today’s complex global M&A marketplace that are making it more difficult to find and close transactions. Among the many impediments that have slowed the rate of M&A deals this year we have identified several which we have seen frequently, including broader ranges of deal structures contributing to complexities and costs, the increasing frequency in “broken deals” as of late, and increased volatility.

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