Hilco Streambank Continues its Impressive Year With a Strong Q3 and Push Into Q4

Streambank LogoHilco Streambank has continued to build on its success in the first half of 2015 with ongoing intellectual property sales of famous brands including: The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company (A&P), Quirky, Malibu Lighting, Brinkmann, Simply Fashion, Modnique and Anna's Linens. These pending sales follow earlier engagements this year on behalf of RadioShack, dELiA*s, DOTS and Bidz.com. Interest in brands and other intellectual property has never been higher and Hilco Streambank is leading the way in bringing these assets to market.

The Hilco Streambank leadership team continues to be recognized as thought leaders on the use of intellectual property in capital markets transactions. Streambank CEO Gabe Fried and EVP David Peress recently authored a feature article in the October edition of The Secured Lender providing important practice tips for asset based lenders using intellectual property as collateral.