A Message From Jeffrey B. Hecktman

Jeffrey B. Hecktman
Chairman – CEO

Over our 28 year history, Hilco Global has transformed itself from what began primarily as a disposition business to today’s broad platform of financial services, which include acting as an advisor, an agent and often a principal, with respect to every asset category on the left-hand side of a balance sheet.  Hilco Global has become relevant to virtually every investment-grade company in the world today and certainly across the gamut of distressed situations that exist. 

Our promise is simple:  We’re Vested in your success.  As such, we are committed to delivering the best possible outcome in every engagement and we’re prepared to share both the risk and the reward as these opportunities present themselves. At the heart of our promise is a company culture that is often described in a single word – integrity. An uncompromising commitment to providing the most honest ethical solutions for our client partners in every situation and transaction.