What We Do:

Hilco Global is a privately-held, diversified financial services company differentiated by our ability to act as advisor, agent, investor and/or principal in every transaction. We are a global authority on facilitating maximum value solutions for all asset classes on the left side of the balance sheet.

How We Do It:

Capital investment
  • Strategic partner with management expertise in both opportunistic and distressed situations
  • Principal and operator of strategic businesses
    and brands as well as debt/equity investment
    and turnaround situations
  • Enterprise and intellectual property valuation
  • Proprietary system for internal redeployment of surplus M&E
  • Largest buyer and seller of production M&E globally
  • Largest appraiser of industrial M&E

Consumer Inventory/Retail Specialists
  • Performance enhancement and cost optimization for retailers
  • Buyer and seller of retail and wholesale inventory
  • Manage store closings and inventory disposition
  • Largest appraiser of retail and wholesale inventory

Accounts Receivable
  • Management and collection of commercial/consumer receivables
  • Buyer and seller of commercial/consumer receivables
  • Appraisal and valuation of receivables/portfolios

  • Strategic Assessment of large, discontinued operations, non-core or orpahn businesses
  • Principal investor in large facilities for demolition, environmental remediation and strategic redevelopment
  • Valuation of properties for redevelopment

Real Estate
  • Innovative lease restructuring practice and asset protection services
  • Principal investments and sale of real estate
  • 1500+ annual appraisals across all property types