As Historic Revenue Declines Persist, Timely Sale May be Best Course of Action for Struggling Hotel Owners

By Jeff Azuse

In this article we take a look at the impacts to the hospitality market from the current global pandemic, and how factors ranging from airline travel to dynamic pricing and unemployment benefits are contributing to continued struggles and future planning complexity for hotels, even as occupancy rates have begun to recover.

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Weighing Retail Inventory Monetization Options is Critical as COVID-19 Persists

By Marc Caplan and Raymundo Armendariz

In this article we examine the current state of retail inventories and how a continued, pervasive environment of uncertainty is likely to impact the disposition of merchandise into the off-price market moving forward. We also take a look at how alternative strategies and creativity in monetizing these inventory assets can play an important role in providing the liquidity needed by many retailers and manufacturers during this unprecedented period.

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Podcast: Ian Fredericks on COVID's Continuing Challenges For Retailers

By Steve Katz, Ian Fredericks (guest)

Restore Capital's President joins the Hilco Global Smarter Perspectives Podcast Series to discuss strategies for debt placement and inventory procurement in a challenging retail environment.

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The U.S. Automotive Industry Hits Bottom in Second Quarter?

By Keith Spacapan

July 14, 2020 – After a 50% drop in U.S. deliveries of light vehicles, the seasonally adjusted, annualized rate of sales (SAAR) for April had fallen to 8.6 million vehicles. Anxious to generate some cash flow, automakers offered generous incentives to encourage nervous would-be buyers to get back in the market. After all but disappearing in March, zero percent finance offers represented a record high 25.8% of all new financed purchases in the month of May according to

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Aftermarket Parts Industry Makes the Most of a Bad Situation

By Keith Spacapan

For the first time, in a very long time, the trailing twelve-month (TTM) net sales for the Hilco Parts Index (HPI) decreased from year-ago levels.

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Intermodal Chassis Market Demonstrates Pandemic Period Resilience

By Elbert Choi and Derek Brennan

In this article we take a look at the impact of diminished import/export volumes on the chassis segment of the intermodal industry, how providers and end-users have responded during the current crisis, and the likely path forward for industry recovery over the balance of the last two quarters of this year and into 2021.

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Podcast: The state of the consumer accounts receivable industry

By Karen Bubrowski, Jay Stone (guest) and Buddy Beaman (guest)

Jay Stone and Buddy Beaman from Hilco Receivables Join Karen Bubrowski to discuss the current state of the consumer accounts receivable industry in the latest Hilco Global Smarter Perspectives Series podcast.

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Health Care
Appraisal Considerations Shifting as COVID-19 Disrupts Health Care Delivery

By John Satter, MAI and Adam Zimmerman, MAI

In this article, we examine how the COVID-19 pandemic is reshaping the configuration of critical and other care facilities, and what that is likely to mean for hospitals and the broader health care real estate market moving forward

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Pandemic Impacts Continue to Shape the Course of Forestry Markets

By Jesse Marzouk

With construction designated as an essential service across much of the country since the start of COVID-19, continued, though somewhat diminished, new construction and remodeling demand has helped to sustain U.S. lumber markets. Pricing levels have also been bolstered by downtime taken at some western Canadian sawmills as a consequence of the pandemic and a lack of source fiber due to ongoing government limitations on cutting.

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