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Intellectual Property
Hidden Asset: IPV4 Address Blocks

By Lee Howard, Steve Katz (Host)

Lee Howard, Senior Vice President at Hilco Streambank and IPv4.Global, joins Steve Katz on the Hilco Global Smarter Perspectives Podcast Series to discuss the potential for corporations, universities, and other organizations to achieve needed liquidity by leveraging an often underutilized and misunderstood IP asset: their IPv4 address blocks.

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Challenges and Opportunities Along the Road to Electric Vehicle Proliferation

By Keith Spacapan

In this first in a series of upcoming articles on the electric vehicle (EV) market, we take a look at plans by global auto manufacturers for continued, aggressive expansion of their electric offerings as well as the technologies that are competing for dominance in the market.

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Jewelry Industry
Asset-Based Lending Guidelines and More

By Stephen D'Aquila, Steve Katz (Host)

Stephen D'Aquila, Vice President at Hilco Valuation Services and a jewelry industry specialists joins Steve Katz on the Hilco Global Smarter Perspectives Podcast Series to discuss the state of the industry one year into the global pandemic, and some guidelines that he suggests for lenders to follow in order to more effectively evaluate both prospective jewelry industry borrowers and existing portfolio accounts during this volatile pandemic period.

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Keeping Pace Critical for Cannabis Businesses Amid Strong Growth and Technology Driven Advancements

By John Sharpe

In this article, we take a look at the impressive growth of the U.S. cannabis market over the course of the ongoing pandemic as well as the industry’s current and future prospects and challenges. As of April 2021, 17 U.S. states plus the District of Columbia and Guam have all passed laws legalizing the recreational use and sale of cannabis for adults 21 years of age and older, although retail sales from dispensaries are not yet permitted in Vermont, D.C. and Guam. 39 states as well as the District of Columbia and Guam have legalized the use of medical cannabis.

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Unforeseen Complexities of Industrial Asset Disposition Warrant Careful Selection of a Turnkey Buyer

By Robert Bouland and Ingrid Helsloot

In this article we discuss the details associated with a complex disposition of industrial equipment and machinery assets further complicated by the logistical challenges of the global pandemic, and how selection of the right partner can lead to a highly successful outcome even under the most unanticipated circumstances.

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Master and Substitute Servicers Provide Creditor/Bondholder Protection When Things go Awry

By Guillermo Malo Bahena

In this article, we take a look at an evolving best practice in establishing the parameters of a loan’s structure, and how foresight can help mitigate potential downside risk for creditors by ensuring that consistent and ethical business practices are followed in administrating the loan process.

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Hilco Global Smarter Perspectives Podcast Series: SBA-Best Practices in problem loan management

By Hollis Carter, Steve Katz (Host)

Hollis Carter, a 23-year veteran with the SBA and a Hilco strategic alliance partner, joins the Hilco Global Smarter Perspectives Podcast Series to discuss the best practices in problem loan management during challenging times.

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The Empty Space Between Cars on Dealer Lots is Growing

By Keith Spacapan

April 26, 2021— In January, a survey was taken of industry economists when the seasonally adjusted annualized rate of sales (SAAR) for light-duty vehicles had been flirting with 16 million vehicles for the better part of six months. At the time, few experts forecast 2021 U.S. sales above 16 million vehicles. The sales momentum from December that carried over to January looked to stall in February due to severe winter weather. So, no one was expecting a SAAR of 17.8 million in March, a 55% increase from last year’s 11.4 million vehicles.

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2020 Will be Remembered as the Most Challenging Year Ever

By Keith Spacapan

For anyone in the auto industry right now, the year 2020 will be remembered as the most challenging of their career. The pandemic spared no one. Manufacturers, freight companies, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and customers all had their own cross to bear. In the end, 2020 net sales for the Hilco Parts Index (HPI) declined 1.1% compared to prior year results. That is considerably better than the 8.8% decrease suffered by the broader U.S. auto aftermarket and evidence the Big Four (Advance, AutoZone, Genuine Parts, and O’Reilly)continue to gain market share from smaller independent wholesale distributors. The Big Four are generally considered to represent a third of the marketplace.

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