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Hilco Global Smarter Perspectives Podcast Series: Seafood Industry Outlook

Guest Guest Dean Hogencamp, Steve Katz (Host)

Dean Hogencamp, seafood product specialist at Hilco Valuation Services joins the Hilco Global Smarter Perspectives Podcast Series to talk about the outlook for the seafood industry based on numerous factors, not the least of which is the significant and ongoing impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on foodservice.

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Food & Beverage
Retail Seafood Demand is Helping to Offset COVID-19 Foodservice Losses, but Aging Inventories are Increasing Risk

By Dean Hogencamp

In this article we look at the continued struggles of the seafood industry in foodservice and how some companies which have the capability, have pivoted quickly to meet unprecedented levels of retail demand. We also look at the complex landscape asset-based lenders must navigate to best support their seafood portfolio companies and limit their own downside risk during this crisis period.

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