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Intellectual Property
Hidden Asset: IPV4 Address Blocks

Guest Lee Howard, Steve Katz (Host)

Lee Howard, Senior Vice President at Hilco Streambank and IPv4.Global, joins Steve Katz on the Hilco Global Smarter Perspectives Podcast Series to discuss the potential for corporations, universities, and other organizations to achieve needed liquidity by leveraging an often underutilized and misunderstood IP asset: their IPv4 address blocks.

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Intellectual Property
Best Practices for Valuation, Assertion and Monetization of Technology Patent Assets

By Gillian McColgan

There was a time, not so long ago, when tangible assets comprised the vast majority of a company’s total value. A business’ equipment, real estate and other holdings were indeed its strongest suits in securing access to working capital and ensuring liquidity. While this remains the case today for most small- and medium-sized companies, we find that among large corporations, intangible assets including intellectual property (IP) now hold the lion’s share of value.

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