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Disposition of Collateral
Podcast: Exploring the Many Nuances of the Article 9 Sale Process

Guest Jonathan Cuticelli, Brent Bonham, Richelle Kalnit, Ian Fredericks, Steve Katz (host)

In this podcast, Richelle Kalnit, Ian Fredericks, Brent Bonham and Johnathan Cuticelli each share their industry-specific expertise regarding the disposition of collateral under Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code.

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Challenges Persist in the Chemical Industry: How Did We Get Here and What Now?

By Kevin Duffy

It’s understandable if some decision makers in the chemical industry just want to cry uncle. Economic volatility, supply chain unpredictability and global upheaval are making 2022 another challenging year on the heels of two years that brought unprecedented obstacles. This article explores the bumpy road traveled to date, and some of the potential forks in the road ahead for the chemical industry.

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Analytics and Automation
Your Business Needs Actionable Data Now

By Robert Gorin and Ramy Aly

In this article we discuss how many companies, both large and small, are missing out on critical insights that can be used to drive operational decision making and result in greater profitability.

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