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Recovery Values Remain Resilient Even as Lights, Cameras and AV Gear see Limited Action During Pandemic

By Brent Bonham and Nelson Thorpe

In this article we take a look at both the TV/Film/Broadcast and Concert/Theater/Tradeshow segments of the Audiovisual (AV) Industry and how social distancing requirements, consumer and customer behavior, as well as the distinct challenges associated with each business model are impacting gear sales, asset values and a potential path to recovery.

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Intangible Assets
Article 9 Foreclosure Expertise

By Hilco Streambank

You may be a trustee for a debt instrument that is not performing. Or perhaps you have a situation that requires an independent party to run a cost effective and commercially reasonable independent sale process, so that you can fulfill your fiduciary and legal duties and/or exercise your remedies under the terms of your agreement. Streambank is your solution.

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Real Estate
From Hindsight to Foresight – Lenders Revisit Loan Sales to Quickly Monetize Non-Core CRE Assets

By Ronald Lubin

In this article we explore how unstable market conditions created by the COVID-19 crisis are leading up to a very challenging moment for lenders, many of whom now find themselves managing portfolios of increasingly nonperforming loans; and how gaining access to the right buyers, valuation expertise, and highly efficient marketing and sales execution is critical to achieving maximum value for those troubled assets.

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Weighing Retail Inventory Monetization Options is Critical as COVID-19 Persists

By Marc Caplan and Raymundo Armendariz

In this article we examine the current state of retail inventories and how a continued, pervasive environment of uncertainty is likely to impact the disposition of merchandise into the off-price market moving forward. We also take a look at how alternative strategies and creativity in monetizing these inventory assets can play an important role in providing the liquidity needed by many retailers and manufacturers during this unprecedented period.

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The U.S. Automotive Industry Hits Bottom in Second Quarter?

By Keith Spacapan

July 14, 2020 – After a 50% drop in U.S. deliveries of light vehicles, the seasonally adjusted, annualized rate of sales (SAAR) for April had fallen to 8.6 million vehicles. Anxious to generate some cash flow, automakers offered generous incentives to encourage nervous would-be buyers to get back in the market. After all but disappearing in March, zero percent finance offers represented a record high 25.8% of all new financed purchases in the month of May according to

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